A Roadmap Update from the Stars (August 11th, 2021)

  • Every hand-drawn NFT in the collection is part of a bigger story.
  • There is a total supply of 95 Travelers (from planets) and 6 Star Masters (comes from Stars) for Generation I.
  • Story driven collection. A Space Diary is written by one still unknown Traveler inside the mission, and he tells our story, little by little, at the same time drops and special announcements are happening. (See everything in our Discord)
  • Each type of space gem has a special utility. Gems can give the power of combining DNA to get new rare Travelers!
  • Along our journey, our Travelers can find all types of Space Plants. They can be a seed, a baby or an adult. Holders have the ability to evolve them by interacting in our Discord.
  • First Generation of Travelers: 55/101 minted. (Drop price @ 0.025ETH)
  • 9 Dark Matter Gems have been airdropped to holders. (Gives them exclusive participation in raffles and giveaways).
  • 4 Life Gems have been found and used!
  • One Quasar Guardian and one Galaxy Defender have been created by combining Travelers and using Cosmic Gems.
  • 9 Space Plants have been discovered!
  1. Adult Space Plants: cultivate one until it gets to Adult stage and you have a 1/5 chance of getting a free gem! Life or Cosmic Gems, means new rare trait Traveler!
  2. Cosmic Gem´s possible combinations:
  • Traveler + Traveler = Galaxy Defender (Can come from Planets OR Moons)
  • Traveler + Recruit = Galaxy Emperor (Can come from Planets OR Moons)
  • Traveler + Star Master = Quasar Guardian (Comes from Stars)
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  • Participate in drops and check out the collection!



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Galactic Adventures NFT

Galactic Adventures NFT


101 space bound travelers from different planets and civilizations have joined Mission G101 in the search of the rarest gems in the entire universe. Join us!